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October 2016

Just about ready for Bakewell and Kendal Wool Gatherings, plenty of reconditioned wheels going too. We are in the Meeting Room (lttle room to the left off the main hall) at Bakewell and Wool Room 1 at Kendal. Looking forward to both shows. Must say looking forward to the rest with Family inbetween the two shows. It has been a hard year this year with Clive's hip operation and my injuries, but onwards and upwards. Hopefully exciting news breaking on 31st October!! Watch this space!

September 2016

Busy getting ready for Yarndale in Skipton. Feel free to phone and pre-order any items for collection at the show. Already have a few items ordered. Also now taking pre-show orders for collection at Bakewell and Kendal Wool Gatherings too. We have a good supply of all four lengths of niddy noddy as well as various lazy kates. We can make spare bobbins for you but we need one to copy to ensure you get the correct size. We can also often repair your damaged flyer. So don't forget to bring them to the show for us to bring back to the workshop, it all helps to save postage costs. We are stand 142 at Yarndale so do come and see our new display. The recondiioned wheels going to the show are listed here. If you are looking for a wheel either pre order or come and visit us early at the show.

August 2016

Returned from Fibre East and managed to grab a few days away in Scotland with family and also did a bit of revamping on website.

Also back into workshop again!

July 2016

Clive has managed to work on some little bits for Timbertops wheels, this month, as well as doing repeat bobbins etc. - Nothing too heavy yet. I am busy building stock for Fibre East including some nice reconditioned wheels and lots of the accessories. Also taken a number of bookings for Groups and Guilds. Wrekin Spinners for November this year and Brecknock WSD, North Cheshire WSD and Lancs & Lakes WSD for 2017, (see calendar at the side)

May/June 2016

Busy period. Clive's recovery is going well and the Physio is pleased with his exercise efforts and he is gradually spendng more time in the workshop building up his workload, but very gradually. I am also now virtually recovered from my concussion although it did go on a bit longer than I had hoped.

Wonderful visit in May to the Tynedale Spinners Gathering followed a month later by Woolfest. Strange show this year as quite a lot quieter on the Friday,but luckily more folk did turn up on the Saturday.

March/April 2016

We had a lovely visit to both the Avon and Somerset Guilds on March 12th & 19th. It was very enjoyable and they both made us very welcome. On the 31st of March I had a bit of an accident and got concussion so April was spent with Clive hobbling around with his hip and me having to rest more than I wanted. Anyway 20th April I managed to get Clive to the hospital in Bristol for his operation and then I went up to Wonderwool to set up with my lovely friend Anna as my assistant for the weekend. We had a successful Wonderwool, meeting lots of lovely old and new customers. Then I was back home Sunday night and then on the Monday 25th collected Clive from the hospital. Clive is now taking it steady & gradually recovering and after a rest I am gradually getting stock etc sorted.

January/February 2016

Started the new year with an influx of wheels to recondition and a lot of repeat bobbins to do. Beginning of February was a bit fraught but gradually settling down and some good things have happened in the later part of the month. Have heard that we have been accepted for Fibre East and then Woolfest. Some new lines will be on sale shortly...watch this space.

November/December 2015

Lovely shows at Bakewell and Kendal and a busy lead up to Christmas with lots of accessories being sold. Now to make more.

Wishing all our Customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year

October 2015

Fantastic show at Yarndale now back to the grindstone and on with more work on Timbertops and also restocking and reconditoning ready for a run of shows this month. Bakewell Wool Gathering, Kendal Wool Gathering and the All Wales Guild of WSD meeting in Llanidloes.

August / September 2015

Had a really enjoyable Fibre East with good sales and enjoyable company, now on with Timbertops and getting ready for Yarndale


June / July 2015

We had a lovely time at Woolfest meeting up with many of our 'old' customers and meeting lots of new ones.Not long before Fibre East so having recovered from one show we are now trying to get ready for the next.

May 2015

The bobbins ordered at the show have now been completed and now trying to catch up replacing the stock sold too. Couple of things Clive has to do as my lathe is not quite long enough and then he is back on with Timbertops. We have a lot to do in a very short time. At least we have a good supply of reconditioned wheels ready to go.

January 2015 / April 2015

Well the first four months went in the blink of an eye, as we were both working very hard. We had an enjoyable Wonderwool and successfully completed a Timbertops Beaver to take with us as our demo model and now have to complete the rest of the Beaver orders. The bobbins ordered at the show have now been completed and now trying to catch up replacing the stock sold too. Couple of things Clive has to do as my lathe is not quite long enough and then he is back on with Timbertops.

December 2014 / January 2015

Well as we look back on an eventful year, we have progressed but not as fast as we wanted with Timbertops but new templates to replace those destroyed in 2012 have gradually been made and progress is getting faster. In many other ways we have progressed in leaps and bounds.

We would like to wish all our Customers old and new a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. We will be closed for Christmas Day / Boxing and again for New Years Day other than that we will be working. Then we are closed from 5th January to 11th January and will reopen on 12th. During this period we can be contacted via email or our mobile number and the main number will have an answering machine for none urgent messages, just leave your name and number and we will get back to you.


December 2014

Busy in workshop with the Timbertops and also making other stock. Just added Abusson Tapestry Bobbins to our stock list.

This Sunday 7th December is the last chance to see our giftware stand (All our prices reduced as selling off a lot of giftware) when I attend the Memorial Hall in Whitchurch (near Ross on Wye) come along and get some good bargains 10am to 1pm

October / November 2014

Well we had a lovely show at Bakewell and thoroughly enjoyed our last show of the year. Now home and Clive is back in the workshop working on the Timbertops Wheels again. I will be back in the workshop shortly and working on rebuilding stock.

October 2014

October already and getting ready for our last show of the year,

The Bakewell Wool Gathering, looking forward to this show and already have a list of pre-orders to get ready. Busy building stock and renovating a number of wheels to take to the show.

Woolfest June 2009

We had a lovely show and it was nice to see many of our 'old' Customers returning.

End of Line Sale~Jan 2009

Due to the fact that the Lace bobbins are to be discontinued.

We have available lucky dip bundles of 10 various hardwood Midland style bobbins £20 including postage UK. (These bobbins are normally priced at £2.50 to £4.50 each)

Also lucky dip bundle of 10 hardwood Honiton bobbins  £ 12.50 including postage UK. (These bobbins are normally priced at £1.75 to £4.25 each)

January 1st 2009

Happy New Year to all our customers old and new. Thank you all for your patience last year when we had our two family bereavements it was wonderful to have such understanding customers. The workshop will be up and running on the 7th January again for orders, special commissions and teaching workshops.

Press Release December 2008

Joan & Clive Jones (of Woodland Turnery) and James & Anne Williamston are pleased to announce that following negotiations it has been agreed that in an initial partnership production of Timbertops Spinning Wheels will be resumed.
Full press release can be found at the Press Release page or by you can downloading it here

November 2008

 Orders coming in for Christmas. Also bookings being taken for next year’s courses. We have held our course prices for four years but will have to increase them on 1st January but pay before 31.12.08 and you will pay 2008 prices for 2009 courses so book early to avoid the price increase.

November 21, 2008

Uploading new images and some editting on the pages


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