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Timbertops Wheels & Accessories

For prices please email, stating the country you live in so that the appropriate list can be sent to you. (All overseas price lists include carriage)

Please note that from the 1st June 2013 there has been a slight price adjustment but all wheels now go out with both Double Drive and Scotch Tension fitted. The new Scotch tension is also much more user friendly than the previous system.

A Timbertops Brochure can be found here

A Gallery of new Timbertops wheels

TT Jubilee with additional stubbies/finials (28" wheel)

Normally made in Oak or Cherry but this one is shown in Lacewood (London Plane)

Timbertops Jubilee Spinning Wheel

TT Leicester (24" wheel)

single treadle 2010

Left-hand flyer


TT Leicester double treadle 2010

Right hand flyer


Thurmaston 24 (with additional stubbies)

Thurmaston24 and stubbies

TT Chair Wheel 2011

This wheel can be set up with one or two double drive bands. This is set up for customer ready for teaching or as a gossip wheel as there are two drive bands already on wheel .

TT Beaver








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Woodland Turnery's Folksy web shop can befound here

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Bookings for 2014

Sat 18th/ Sun 19th October 2014 Bakewell Wool Gathering

7.12.14 Whitchurch Herefordshire. Christmas Fair

(No longer attending Brecon Farmer's market)

Events completed so far 2014

8.3.14 Brecon Farmer's Market

12.4.14 Brecon Farmer's Market

Sat 26th / Sun 27th April 2014

Wonderwool Wales Stand P5

10.5.14 Brecon Farmer's Market

14.6.14 Brecon Farmer's Market

Fri 27th/ Sat 28th June 2014 Woolfest Stand F112=113A

Sat 26th/ Sun 27th July 2014 Fibre East

Sat 16th August 2014   10-4 pm
Broughton Gathering
Broughton Village Hall
Broughton, Nr Biggar.
ML12 6HQ

Sat 27th /Sun 28th September 2014 Yarndale

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Woodland Turnery's Folksy web shop can befound here

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