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Spinning and Weaving Accessories


Our latest selection for 2018


Just a few items of stock left. Listed them on Folksy shop

if you buy more than one item I will refund any excess postage



blending boards are now all gone !



Now available by popular demand our range of niddy noddies has expanded to 4 sizes

Extra Large (2 metre hank) £19.25 each (out of stock),

Large (1.5m hank) £17.25each, (out of stock),

Medium (1 metre hank) £15.25 each (Out of stock)

Small (sampler) £10.25 each (Out of stock)


Katie (and also her bigger sister Bertha available - both copyright design) tensioned lazy kates available £29.95 and £34.95 respectively phone or email for sizes

now sold out


Sock Blockers Child 6-8 1/2, 9-12, 12 1/2-3 1/2, Adult 4-5, 6-7, 8-10 (Ladies/Youth) 8-10 Men, 11-12 from £7 - £12.00 see pricelist

sold out



Aubusson Tapestry Bobbins £4.25 each (out of stock)

Aubusson tapestry Bobbins


Bottom Whorl Drop spindles £14.25 each (Out of stock)

bottom whroldrop spindles


Top Whorl Drop Spindle £14.25 each (Out of stock)

Top Whorl Drop Spindle


Beginners Drop Spindle Kit £15.25 each

Top and Bottom Whorl available sold out

Beginner's Drop Spindle Kit


Darning Mushroom £7.95 each sold out

Darning mushrooms sold out


Inch gauge or w.p.i. gauge & chart £2.95 each (Out of stock)



Ickle Inkle looms (£39.95) now reduced to £34.95 each

(incl. shuttle & clamp)

Further information - Overall length 15"

Peg length 2½" Max Warp length 70-71"

Ickle Inkle(Out of stock)


Weaving Stick Kit £8.95

Weaving Stick Kit sold out


Tapestry bobbins £5.95 each (Out of stock)

(woods may vary)

sweet chestnut tapestry bobbinssold out


Mini Tapestry bobbin £4.25 each (Out of stock)

mini tapestry bobbin sold out


Standard threading hooks & loops £5.60 each

(Also available Haldane style loops and

longer hooks suitable for Ashford Traditional & Travellers)

Phone for details

threading hooks & loops sold out



2", 5", 7", 9" other sizes out of stock

ranging from £2.30 to £8.00 each(see price list)


sold out


Peruvian Plyer £12.50 each

Peruvian Plyersold out


Nostepinne £12.50 each

sold out


Lazy kate £19.50 each out of stock



6 pin French knitters £5.95 each & Hooks £2.50 each sold out

French Knitter French knitter Hooks


French Knitting Kit ££9.95 each sold out


French Knitting Kit


Lucets 6ins £7.95 each

sold out


Lucets 7½ins £8.95 each

7½ins Lucet sold out


Lucets Large £10.95 each

Lucet Large sold out


Lucet Beginners Kit (£8.95 to £11.95each)

dependant on size of Lucet

Lucet beginners kitsold out


Naalbinding needles £3.95 each

Naalbinding needlessold out


Sheep cards £2 each (Out of stock)

Sheep cards







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