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Spinning Wheel repairs & bobbin services

As of 1st May 2018 we are not taking on anymore repairs for wheels other than broken flyers or spare bobbins as we have a full workload and we are retiring November/December 2018. Phone us if you wish us to make spare bobbins or repair a broken flyers up until Autumn 2018. We will try to fit you in.

Spare bobbin service availability (includes peacock, original rappard wee peggy & haldane)

Of course we will still try to provide spare parts for Timbertops wheels until our retirement

Please note -Handcrafted wheels are often worth the cost but sometimes Handmade wheels are more Spinning Wheel Shaped Objects.

Beware of 'Bargain' spinning wheels which are missing their Flyer/Whorl/Bobbins these can be very costly to make and are then NOT the bargain you first thought they were!

This will mean for example if folk have a broken flyer we will still try to repair it for them (especially Haldane flyers) but if they buy a wheel with no flyer/bobbins and whorl then we will not. Unfortunately folk do not realise the complexity of having to provide these items for a wheel, it cannot be done without the complete wheel to align everything. So what starts off as a cheap 'bargain' wheel becomes very expensive.



We get a lot of lovely comments from many of our customers, here is one of the latest ones


"The spindle, whorl, and bobbins are a perfect match to my Shetland 
and the work is beautiful. The whorl you recommended is exactly 
the size I needed and I have a bobbin of BL fleece spun up.

I am so pleased with your work and excellent communication. It has 
been a pleasure dealing with you and I will certainly recommend you 
to anyone needing repairs. Thank You!"

(M. Michigan USA)

2012 beat the previous record with parts of a spinning wheel being, remade & repaired for a new customer in the Falkland Islands

It has been amazing how far wheels have travelled to us during 2010 and 2011.

We have arranged for our carrier to bring them in from across England and Wales but then an Owner bought her wheel to us from Lakeland but a short while after another Customer made an appointment with us to bring their wheel from west of Glasgow! it was lovely that they had enough confidence in our abilities to repair their wheel to travel that distance......

Also in 2011 we have had items for repair sent to us from the Netherlands and also USA.


Please telehone or email for details


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Otherwise please contact us for more details on any of the products

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Bookings 2018

Sat 19th May 2018

Tynedale Guild Spinners Gathering

Stocksfield SICA, Mount View Terrace, Stocksfield, Northumberland, NE43 7HL. 10am to 4pm tea, coffee and cake available. Number of stall holders will be attending

non-members welcome ticket 2 at the door

(Sales Table & Wheel surgery)


NB We will not be attending Woolfest


Sat 7th July 2018

Kennet Valley Guild WSD Sales/Wheel Surgery/Talk


Sat28/Sun29th July2018

Fibre East


NB We will not be attending Yarndale


Sat 13th /Sun14th October 2018

Bakewell Wool Gathering


Sat27/Sun28th Oct 2018

Kendal Wool Gathering


Sat 17th Nov 2018

York Guild WSD

(Sales Table & Wheel surgery)





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Sat 16th Feb 2019

Wiltshire Guild WSD




Sat 24th February 2018

Dorset Guild WSD Sales/Wheel Surgery/Talk


Sat28/Sun29th April 2018

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Woodland Turnery's Folksy web shop can be found here

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