For those fibres with a difference, so much choice - bamboo, seacell, camel, alpaca and much more.


Luxurious yarns for knitting, crochet and weaving, hand-spun in Cumbria with spinning wheel and spindle. Hand-spun embroidery and darning threads.

A family run business in their third generation , established in 1930. Stockists of fine artists materials, craft and modelling goods, spinning wheels, weaving accessories and much more. Also

A wonderful source for leather supplies, very helpful.

Neilanell is an incredible designer/knitter/ spinner in the Shetland Isles. Who creates wonderful garments in an imaginatve and inspiring way. Why not take a look!


made in

We cut shapes. In birchply, card or paper. We can give you some ideas, We have suggestions for children's parties/workshops, Brownie packs, homecrafts, fundraising, or serious pyrographers

Wales made
made in WalesWales Made Craft Network

On this site you will find many and varied crafts from Wales based makers. Who like to provide for that product or gift with a difference. Wales Made Craft Network is run by the members as a marketing initiative.

made in WalesWales Tourist Board

For a small country, Wales manages to cram quite a bit in. We’re not just talking about our mountains, valleys and beaches. Whether you’re after culture, exercise, adventure or peace and quiet, they’re all here. And ‘here’ isn’t too far - with no need to fly, change currency or speak a new language. Though if you’d like to speak Europe’s oldest living language, we’re always happy to chat.


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made in Wales = Made in Wales, Craft/people that are in Wales

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